Saturday 6th September – 51st State, The Surgeons + Em Lou.

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51st STATE


51st State are a anarcho-punk 2 piece, just drums and bass and a rant at the mike. you don’t need the rest of the crap just the noise and energy!

Formed in 2007 in small town somerset. A small stream feeding the vast ocean. later we looked for this in the great movements of the trees. We have released 7 cds including a double disc anthology.

We have played hundreds of gigs around the Uk sharing bills with artists such as English dogs, sick on the bus, gbh, attilla the stockbroker, firepit collection, tv smith, pressgang, 2 sick monkeys, star fucking hipsters, brain dead, kapykarti, sickpig, po-lice, primeval soup, hacksaw and hater uk to name a handful.

Our latest cd, ‘live in bridgwater’ (2012) is currently avaliable through the riot ska records web page for a small fee of £2.00.

The Surgeons


Two clammy ex History students from rural South West England, bonding over their mutual hatred of living in rural South West England.
As a band we take influences from Flat Duo Jets, The White Stripes, Junior Kimbrough, The Fall, and Motte And Bailey Castles (not a band, just a timeless piece of masonry)

Doors 18:00
Entry £4

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