Original Acts

The Dragonffli is devoted to original talent, and with years of experience in the music industry we appreciate the troubles that original artists face when breaking out and stepping onto the performance circuit. We also understand the importance in looking to secure a loyal following.

The Dragonffli does not adopt the “pay to play” attitude, nor do we agree with it. So we give original artists the opportunity to make a profit for yourselves. Original artists keep 100% of all ticket/entry sales (total divided fairly by the number of bands that play).

Here’s the catch (there’s always a catch right?), all we ask is that you will help us to promote your gig. At the end of the night, it’s in everybody’s interests for as many people as possible come to the gig and watch your band play. We will set up the gig listings for you, and will send your band contact all of the relevant information so that you can all share the event, invite your friends, give out flyers etc. We’ll also be available to help with guidance should you need any.

Also, if you’re a returning act, a regular for example, we’ll include a page dedicated to your band right here on this website, including links to any of your own pages, for free. So get in touch with us today and find out what dates are available to play



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