October 11th – The Moon Birds + The Dole Age

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The Moon Birds

The Moon Birds are a five piece band from South Wales, UK which consists of frontman Mitchell Minney, Guitarist and Keys player Owain Hughes, Guitarist Bradley Walstow, Bassist Sam Williams and Drummer Sam Henly.

Formed in April 2012 they have wasted no time in hitting the road and are already building up a dedicated fan base and are receiving great feedback from venue promoters and their fans.

Willing to travel the length and width of the country to broadcast their sound to the nation, The Moon Birds are continually looking to book shows here, there and everywhere and are working hard between their live shows looking to improve themselves as songwriters, musicians and performers.

With an album already on sale and a back catalogue of songs raring to go, studio time for The Moon Birds is most definitely on the cards although a recording date has yet to be decided.

If you like bluesy/rock riffs with an almighty funky edge and acoustic driven songs with catchy melodies you’ll be sure to love The Moon Birds.


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