November 28th – Ffli Friday Black Water Chemistry + Tradish + Witness To Reform

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Black Water Chemistry
Black Water Chemistry was born out of the demise of Newport band “The Delightful Lifeless” and the musical bond forged between Matt and Dan during their time in that band. Adding formidable bassist Gareth Stacey to the lineup they now play a brand of fast metallic grunge that sounds grown up whilst staying true to their roots.

Black Water Chemistry combine a grown up appreciation of heavy driving music and a youthful exuberance that they hope will be pretty damn addictive to audiences.

Fans of grunge and heavy music take note, BWC are just getting warmed up.

Forged in the haze of the valley of the crows, the mighty riffs of Tradish were born. Three local peasants discovered the wizards within them and converged onto the sacred ground known as Mirage. With a large helping of long bottom leaf these players of the dark arts submerged themselves into the abyss and conjured up mystical melodies like the rock gods of old.

Witness to the Reform
WTTR in its present incarnation have been beating out tunes since January 2014. Originally formed in 2009, the Newbridge trio concentrated on original material with a dark edge, respectfully tipping a cap to “prog” but staying somewhat this side of a classic alternative rock sound the song writing quickly grew, culminating in 3 E.P’s .

Following the departure of the original drummer in December 2013, new blood behind the tubs seemed to inject a new life into the song writing and playing. A “double A side” single recorded at The Boneyard studios in Neath and released in the summer of 2014 has given the band new recognition and a growing fan base.
With influences from NOFX to The Who, Rainbow to Muse, Maiden to Marillion, there’s a fusion of sounds that you can never dwell on as, before you know it, it changes to something else. New songs never seem to follow the last and new sounds always seem to emerge. BUt one things for sure, 110% goes into every song written and performed live.

“we’re not going to be the next Muse or Manics, we’re not going to make millions and live in a mansion with a swimming pool full of vodka, but we enjoy what we do, and that’s what making music is all about. If it lasts another 5 years or 5 months, I can listen back to our stuff and say – I did that”

Doors 18:00
Show Starts 21:00

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