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We have a great line up for you this evening with three rock, metal and metalcore bands playing and we’re open from 6pm. It’s free entry and the beer is cheap so rock on down to The Dragonffli tonight!

Clarity As Arson

Clarity As Arson: “The art of finding cleanliness in a destructive force.”

We are a 4 piece metal band based in South Wales, UK. Our main drive is to play the music we love to create to anyone who is willing to listen. With a mix of Metal Riffs, Hardcore Breakdowns, Southern Grooves, Pounding Drums and Crushing, Screaming vocals, we like to think we deliver something raw, powerful and filled with our blood and determination. Over the past year we have come to the point where we are constantly pushing ourselves, musically and physically to create the best possible music that we can, and we will keep on pushing.

Quarantine UK

A hardworking and contagious four piece alternative rock band with a mainstream twist. Known for their vigorously entertaining live performances that always has people wanting more. Quarantine are infecting the South Wales music scene and beyond with their contagious music.

Soundwave music competition winners @O2 Academy Leeds 2014, having competed with over 300 bands in the UK.

Quarantine recorded and launched their Debut EP ‘Reaction’ with Jeff Rose(Formerly of Skindred) in August 2013. Having sold out their EP launch Quarantine are currently working on their new EP! Keep an eye out for new things to come in 2014! Contagious music, get infected.

The Eden Skyline

Metalcore band from Abergavenny, South Wales. Our upcoming EP “F(R)IEND” coming soon! Check out our tracks “Scandal” & “No Turning Back”

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A massive thank you to everyone who turned up this weekend for the gigs including all of the bands. Only one band was unable to make it this weekend so we’ve had 7 bands on in 2 days!

Friday night kicked off with music from Newport based Misled Truth, followed by Cardiff band The Rum Puppets and headed off with the boys from Reconcile. Each band was very different from the other but it all seemed to fit together nicely.

Saturday we have a full evening of punk music organised by Bankrupt Pug. The evening kicked off with an energetic display from Frontrunner. Three piece, Bankrupt Pug showed Pontypool exactly what the Cynon Valley has to offer Punk with a sweaty performance and then followed a performance from Bargoed’s own Dodgem-X. This was topped off with Pontypool’s own Soylent Majority who gave a tight and trashy end to an awesome night.

All of the bands were exceptionally friendly and it was really nice to see some of you joining forces for the odd song too. You should all give yourselves a big pat on the back and be proud, PROUD!

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Doors 18:00

Dermoid 21:00
A dermoid cyst is a cystic teratoma that contains developmentally mature skin complete with hair follicles and sweat glands, sometimes clumps of long hair, and often pockets of sebum, blood, fat, bone, nails, teeth, eyes, cartilage, and thyroid tissue.
Also a band from Cardiff.

Insuna 22:00
Insuna have been active since spring of 2010 and have built a steady following both locally ( through gigs in South Wales), nationally ( through online merch sales), and even internationally, (with their various social networking sites). Always happy to help other bands and promoters and support the music scene, they have been building an extensive network of contacts to allow them to push further afield on the live circuit and hence reach even more potenial fans. They have shared the stage with many acts including Inner Fire, Primitai and Triaxis.

If you would like to follow the event on facebook then you can find the listing here

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Doors 18:00

Misled Truth 20:30
Created in a secret underground lab by a shadowy government organisation that didn’t officially exist, the members of Misled Truth quickly engineered an explosive escape and set about using their genetically-engineered powers for good instead of evil. Something like that anyway, the details are hazy and indistinct.

Rum Puppets 21:15
Rum Puppets are an acoustic Rock 5-piece, based in Cardiff, been about since 2012 and now on our 2nd EP – also touring Cornwall in September…

Reconcile 22:00
Reconcile are a 5 piece unit who formed in early 2008 and started to create their individual sound from the array of influences that each member threw on the table.

The band fused what already possessed n their audio armory, then amalgamated their differences, resulting in a rapid evolution into the Reconcile they are today…..

With the body of talent entwining their own personal styles in such harmony combined. The end result is a much flava’d concoction of rollercoastering riffs, defiibulating beats and bomb fueled bass-lines which are contorted perfectly with lyrics of meaning.

With only one change from the original line-up, drummer Dan Davies joined in early 2012 after D.C’s departure and has helped progress Reconciles personality even further.

From local venues in and around South Wales and Bristol’s surrounding areas, the guys have also played the likes of TattooJam’09, Glastonbuget’11, the first 2years of Breakin’Out Festival, Brisfest’13 and also Surface Festival’s 2011 international competition, which gave the guys a slot at London’s O2 Indigo Arena in the finals, where they achieved 10th place out of 12,000 applicants.

Reconcile are continuing to create and write new material and are as strong as ever.

You can follow the event on facebook here


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A night of live Punk Rock and Alternative music. Featuring:

Angry, fast and unforgettable. Dodgem X play punk rock with a little bit of angst and a lot of gusto. For lovers of loud music with a kick!

Front Runner
Do you like to shout? The singer of Front Runner does and she ain’t afraid to blow some ear drums in the process. Hardcore Punk with a political twist.

Bankrupt Pug
The happiest Noise-Pop from the unhappiest side of the valleys. Expect unusual stage moves, songs catchier than head-lice and mandatory rabies shots afterwards.

Nine Plan Failed
Gloomy and emotive. Secluded but sensible. These guys play a creative blend of Mood-Rock that may drive you to the brink of personal destruction.

Soylent Majority
Fast and loud and angry and screaming in your face until the skin peels off and we see a little bit of your skull. Local punk for the masses!

You can follow the event on facebook by clicking here

@ The Dragonffli, Pontypool
Saturday 19th July
Doors open at 7:00pm
Free entry!

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Doors open 18:00

Kelly Jones joins Red Racer for the rock and roll wedding of the year. Red Racer’s own Jesse Wood tied the knot recently with Fern Cotton

Red Racer can best be described as South London Desert Rock. Comprised of lead singer John Hogg who is so musically adept that he can play any instrument around; Sean Genockey, avid music producer and RedRacer guitarist; and bassist Jesse Wood, whose legendary genetic makeup as the son of a Rolling Stone is something we like to keep quiet. The trio are long-time friends, recording, playing and touring on and off in various bands such as Moke and Hogg, dating back as far as ’95.

Their debut album was recorded in the California desert at the famed Rancho De La Luna studios, where they were joined by the likes of Joey Castillo (QOTSA), Abby Travis (Master’s of Reality), Hayden Scott (AWOL, Spinerette), Dave Catching (EODM), and Chris Goss. That desert rock vibe is also made possible by the fact that the album was produced by Hollywood’s favorite son, Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal.

RedRacer is pure rock ‘n’ roll with a hint of punk, and while it might take a well trained ear to pick up on the specific punk influences, almost anyone will be able to hear that hard edged punk arrangement draped in rock ‘n’ roll filthiness from the moment these guys hit the stage.

RedRacer’s debut album, Define, will be released on Dissention Records, based in Monmouth, in Fall 2014.

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Doors Open 18:00

The Black Arrows 21:00
The Black Arrows are a three piece Blues – Rock and Roll band lurking in the shadows South Wales. We met through friends and realized we had a mutual appreciation of Music and began rehearsing in a room above a pub in Barry. We play music that some consider to be dead and others a fond memory, we dedicate our lives to maintaining the fact that Rock and Roll is still very much alive. The sound of the band is dirty Blues and Rock and Roll, infused into one perplexing un-tameable force. Our music has a strong connection to it’s roots going back to the old school and the creators of the new school. We have now played numerous gigs across the UK. We have played every dive and every palace that we possibly manage, the highlight of which being the Motorpoint arena in Cardiff. We recorded our debut six track E.P. ‘The Black Arrows’ in Op:eC studios and is free to download to anybody who wants it and to be part of the second coming, a Rock and Roll revolution.

Kyshera 22:00
Defining some bands is hard. Defining Kyshera is impossible. “Yet for once, a band who’s declaration that they’re revolutionary innovators might just be right!”, agree’s Classic Rock Magazine. Instead of trying to squeeze into an existing musical scene, Kyshera simply invented their own. A scene with no limits and no rules. So they invented the term ‘Konic’ to mean ‘Anything which is otherwise indefinable and defies categorisation’ and that is how you define this band.

With “Complex compositions & schizophrenic riffing” (Rock Sound) to “incendiary adrenaline fuelled stadia straddling epicness” (VPMExpress), Kyshera prove that intelligent, alternative music doesn’t have to be unmelodic or elitist. On a Kyshera album, you will hear the influence of Frank Zappa with Soundgarden, Aphex Twin with Jeff Buckley or Mars Volta with Rage against the Machine and at a Kyshera live show you will witness a relentless barrage of energy; honed from the hundreds of stages the band has graced on both sides of the Atlantic.

The bands’ “flawless set of intense music” (Cashbox Magazine, Canada) and non-stop roller coaster of a live show has made them a notorious favourite on the live scene; a band that is “NOT to be missed” (UP Magazine, The Netherlands).

Kyshera’s ‘Konic’ ethos also extends to a broader lifestyle that the band promote, where the alternative to the mainstream, in all forms (art, information, fashion etc) is celebrated and Kyshera encourage their fans, known as ‘iKons’, to be unique to themselves & to challenge established norms. Kyshera think that words are important too. Whilst lyrics have become neglected in modern Rock, a Kyshera song can take you on a lyrical whirlwind of important, current issues involving Politics, Religion and Society etc. all delivered with their trademark tunefulness & alternative rhythmic assault – a mix that led BBC Radio 1 to declare the band “Warped Genius!”.

Kyshera are a unique force in modern Rock, always unpredictable, always innovative, always exciting and never anything other than themselves. The response to manufactured, shallow, style over content blandness has arrived.

This is a Movement. Join the Resistance.


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Some really amazing talent here last night and it was nice to see some familiar faces, thank you to all of you who were able to come along. Keep an eye out for photos from all of the events this weekend, here’s a video of Golden Brown by The Stranglers, to keep you going for now…



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Fun Friday Special Offer Hour! From now up until 9:30pm, every customer that walks through the door can buy a pint of strongbow and get another pint totally free!


Thats right, The Dragonffli are offering buy one get one free on Strongbow pints for the next hour!!!