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Doors open 18:00

£5 entry.

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51st STATE


51st State are a anarcho-punk 2 piece, just drums and bass and a rant at the mike. you don’t need the rest of the crap just the noise and energy!

Formed in 2007 in small town somerset. A small stream feeding the vast ocean. later we looked for this in the great movements of the trees. We have released 7 cds including a double disc anthology.

We have played hundreds of gigs around the Uk sharing bills with artists such as English dogs, sick on the bus, gbh, attilla the stockbroker, firepit collection, tv smith, pressgang, 2 sick monkeys, star fucking hipsters, brain dead, kapykarti, sickpig, po-lice, primeval soup, hacksaw and hater uk to name a handful.

Our latest cd, ‘live in bridgwater’ (2012) is currently avaliable through the riot ska records web page for a small fee of £2.00.

The Surgeons


Two clammy ex History students from rural South West England, bonding over their mutual hatred of living in rural South West England.
As a band we take influences from Flat Duo Jets, The White Stripes, Junior Kimbrough, The Fall, and Motte And Bailey Castles (not a band, just a timeless piece of masonry)

Doors 18:00
Entry £4

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By Jupiter


3-piece from Cardiff, bringing lots of drums and volume to their unique contemporary sound

Hazy Tiger

Hazy Tiger

Starting in September 2013 as a 5 piece heavy rock band,we slowly progressed into a much more versatile style of music, changing our line up to on a trio.
Based in south Wales we hope to reach as many people as possible with our catchy riffs ranging from solid rock to minimalist tunes to upbeat funkyoself beats.

Doors 18:00
Free Entry

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‘Tusk’ are an alternative rock three piece based in Swansea, Wales, Formed in late 2011, the band mixes a wide range of influences to create a unique style, combining loud fuzz guitars, hypnotic bass lines, powerful drums, and catchy vocal harmonies.

Inspired by bands such as the Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr,Pavement, and The Cure, ‘Tusk’ aim to create original music that is exciting, innovative, and unique.

Tusk currently consist of Chris Noir (guitar, vocals), Jonti Williams (drums) and Ryan Lloyd (bass, vocals).

Tusk have brought their sound across the UK with shows around South Wales and beyond, with gigs in famous venues such as The Duke, The Garage, The Kings in Llanidloes, Le Pub, The Globe and The Hope and Anchor in Islington.

Their debut EP, ‘Rule of Thirds’ was released in September 2013, and there are plans for many more releases in 2014.

With their unique style, and memorable live performances, ‘Tusk’ are a band not to be missed.

”They could be ones to watch in the future of the underground scene.” – Rock Industry Magazine, 2013

”(Dinosaur Jr’s) influence on Tusk comes through on the wailing guitar of opening song Quietly, and grungey bass of closer Murmur” – Buzz Magazine, 2013

The Stunt Doubles


Mark was bored so decided to form a band. He was desperate for someone to play bass so Eddie joined. They
came to the conclusion they needed a drummer so they bribed
Zangief lookalike and turtle fancier Elliott to complete the first line up. Thinking that a hairy hobbit would “sex-up” the band and squeeze free recording time out of him, they kidnapped Rhys into the band.

Following Eddie and Elliott’s departure at the end of 2013, Mark has shifted to bass, Rhys has stayed on guitar and we’ve randomly Nathan on drums. We’re rebuilding, rewriting and recording ready to be gigging in the summer of 2014

THE STUNT DOUBLES – not changing the world just deafening it… one person at a time…. based on the average turnout at our gigs

Doors Open 18:00pm
Free Entry!!!!

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“Recluse strike the right balance betweeen classic rock and modern rock… their music is weighty and impressive”, Big Cheese Magazine (4/5). “Crooked Heart is a slow burning, chunky, bluesy, riff-fest”, Metal Talk. “Recluse Produce a heavy, bass filled sound laced with good, emotive vocals which do the well penned lyrics the justice they deserve. The drumming and guitar riffs are fantastic and the varied sound and up and down nature of the songs takes you on several well directed journeys as you listen”, Stereoboard. “The pure meat and noise produced from these three guys are so strong that once they’ve pierced your head you can almost feel your mind bleed” – Gig Reviewer

Recluse are an Alt Rock band from South Wales. They have been regularly playing the local South Wales scene over the last few years and a events through out the UK with a great response to their live show.

Recluse released their debut studio album Crooked Heart on 28 October 2011. This is available worldwide from all major download sites and physical copies direct from Recluse via and selected independent stores.


Ghosts As Alibis

Ghosts AA

Cardiff’s newest purveyors of avant-garde post-hardcore death-pop with a story to tell.

After spending six months crafting a searing live set, Ghosts As Alibis are ready to unleash their sound onto the public – a chaotic cocktail of ocean-sized dreamscapes blended with riffs and rhythms without rules.

Taking influence from Deftones, Glassjaw, At The Drive In and the wintry post-metal of Cult of Luna and Bossk, the four-piece also embrace eerie electronica to create an immersive live experience.

‘Tarantulas’ the frenetic first single from their forthcoming EP ‘The Fine Line Between Coincidence and Fate’ is available to stream on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Doors 18:00

Free Entry

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A 3 Day Festival For The Last Bank Holiday Of The Year!!!!


Ffli Festival Will Be Raising Money For Lyndsay Clarke.



For those of you who don’t know who Lyndsay is, she’s a local mother of 3 from up the road in Talywain who literally woke up one day and found herself suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome. Prior to that day, Lyndsay was a dancer, an energetic and lively young woman and now she is held prisoner by this rare disease. Her only hope is a stem cell transplant and this is a costly proceedure.

If you want to know more about Lyndsay’s story you can watch the video but we should warn you now that this is not easy viewing:



Help us raise money for this treatment by coming along to this event.


Tickets Are £8 For The Entire Weekend Or £3 OTD Per Night.


Friday 22nd
The Dole Age
Soylent Majority
Audio Virus


Saturday 23rd
Henry’s Funeral Shoe T.B.C
The Decoy UK 20:55 – 21:45
Capitals 19:50 – 20:40
Fire at Night 18:55 – 19:35
The Corfields 18:05 – 18:40
Trackstar/Pornstar 17:15 – 17:50
Nick B Byrne 16:30 – 17:00
Rob Pennington 15:45 – 16:15
Bib 15:00 – 15:30


Sunday 24th
Led By Lions T.B.C
T.B.C. 21:55 – 22:40
Tradish 20:50 – 21:40
Hydrolysis 19:50 – 20:35
Asylem 18:55 – 19:35
Two Marks and a Frank 18:05 – 18:40
The Transporter men 17:15 – 17:50
Felix Darts 16:30 – 17:00
Good Job 42:10 15:45 – 16:15
Hannah Nelms – Taking The Plunge 15:00 -15:30

We Are Waiting On Confirmation Of Other Bands/Acts For The Weekend!!!

If you can’t make any of these dates for some reason but you would still like to help, you can donate to the fund by following this link:

One In A Million – Go Fund Me


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The Dead End Friends are a new Cardiff based 3 piece band playing heavy blues, punk, and a little funk.


Black Water Chemistry was born out of the demise of Newport band “The Delightful Lifeless” and the musical bond forged between Matt and Dan during their time in that band. Adding formidable bassist Gareth Stacey and searing vocalist Damien Harvey to the lineup they now play a brand of fast metallic grunge that sounds grown up whilst staying true to their roots.
Black Water Chemistry combine a grown up appreciation of heavy driving music and a youthful exuberance that they hope will be pretty damn addictive to audiences.Fans of grunge and heavy music take note, BWC are just getting warmed up.

Doors Open 18:00
Free Entry!!!!

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The Californian desert is vast, wild and untamed. Even on its distant edges, where its barren sprawl meets the outposts of civilisation, there still crackles a certain unhinged, primal power. Listen close to the debut album by RedRacer – recorded at Rancho De La Luna studio, located in Joshua Tree, on the very frontier of that desert – and you’ll hear that energy crackling beneath the muscular riffage, coursing through their anthemic tunes.


But while RedRacer share the desert rock vibe and admirable hunger of other notable desert spirits, they don’t hail from the west coast. They’re not even from America. No, this group’s roots can be traced back to the altogether less romantic environs of Tooting – but theirs is a tale that sweeps us from the lowly back rooms of South London pubs, to the stomping grounds of rock ’n’ roll millionaires, to the desert vistas of California – and back again.


It’s also a tale of deep bonds of true friendship by, and between, founding members John Hogg and Sean Genockey, and recent addition, but long-time friend, Jesse Wood.  All 3 have a rich musical history together of writing, recording, playing live gigs, touring across the US and hitting Britain’s radiowaves, at one point or another.


Now, they are RedRacer, a band reborn in the Summer of 2012 at Rockfield Recording Studios in Monmouth where Jesse Hughes – the wildcard firebrand who leads Eagles Of Death Metal – was filming an episode for Marshall Headphones: On The Road. “Jesse and I had been discussing plans, for years, for him to record his next album in the UK,” says Michelle Sadova-Harris, honcho of Dissention Records, and Hughes’ long-time friend. “We introduced Jesse to Rockfield, so when finally able to all meet up there during the Marshall shoot, we did, and Sean happened to be finishing a production job. It was Jesse who made it clear to me that he wanted to work with Sean at some point.”
After official introductions by Rockfield’s leader, Lisa Ward, and many discussions around the influence of surroundings on the recording process, Michelle agreed to send Sean and John out West to explore their desert demons.  While at Rancho, they were joined by other luminaries of this particularly vibrant west coast underground rock community who stopped by to party, but then found themselves joining the sessions. The likes of QOTSA’s Joey Castillo, Masters of Reality’s Chris Goss and Abby Travis and Hayden Scott of Spinnerette also lent their talents to this electrifying debut.


In 7 days, Sean and John managed to write and record an entire new album of songs – songs like the decadent, party-damaged drone of How Does It Feel, the laser-guided, glam-edged sleaze-pop of Shotgun Suzie, and the motorik rush of Define, which draws into sharp focus the group’s serrated punk edge.


But RedRacer is no mere celebrity jamboree, and by the time John and Sean had cleared customs back in the UK, they sought out Jesse – whose CV includes stints with Reef, Mick Jones’ Carbon/Silicon and his dad’s Ronnie Wood Band – to play bass.


The RedRacer sound is unique – it has a gift for honing classic rock muscle for a post-punk, futurist era, while having vulnerability among the riffage, which is compelling.  To top it all off, for their gigs, John is planning to both sing and play the drums, delivering a live assault that will be unforgettable!
This is RedRacer’s very first gig in Wales and it’s free entry, joining RedRacer will be Deaf Horse + guests so don’t miss out on an unforgettable night and get yourself down to the Dragonffli for Ffli Friday!

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After their highly controversial exit from the Hog and Hosper in August 2009 – GUNS 2 ROSES are back in Pontypool for the first time in 5 years at the same place now called Dragonffli.

To mark the 5 year absence tickets are on sale for only £5.

Supports & Special guests TBA