Memories of Old

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Do you have memories made at The Hog & Hosper, or perhaps you even remember the days when it was called The Hospitality…(not likely). We’d really love to hear your tales of reminiscence from this popular inn so if you have a funny or touching story then feel free to drop us a message or comment with your story

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  1. Dan D

    The first time I ever went to this venue is was called The Hog & Hosper and it was more of a sports/kareoke bar than a live music venue. In fact, I don’t ever remember seeing a band there until more recent years. Back then I was just a lad in college and the bar was being run by a man named Mostyn. To be honest it wasn’t the best bar back then so I didn’t really continue to frequent the place until it changed management and that Sam started running it.

    It was great when Sam first opened the bar. There was loads of different music acts all the time and loads of mid week events happening. It seemed like there was a lot of thought and effort going into making the place work. I’ll never forget some of the awesome bands I’ve seen play at this place whilst it was The Hog. I played my first ever proper gig in this place!

    I’m not sure what happened exactly but for some reason everything seemed to go downhill and it seemed to be the same type of music all the time and some weeks there wasn’t even anything happening. I was really gutted about this because as far as I was concerned, it was the only live music venue worth visiting on the weekend.

    I could tell you stories of tutus, laughs and giggles but the truth is I just can’t wait to see what the new owners are going to make of this much loved venue


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