JUL 25 Insuna + Dermoid

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Doors 18:00

Dermoid 21:00
A dermoid cyst is a cystic teratoma that contains developmentally mature skin complete with hair follicles and sweat glands, sometimes clumps of long hair, and often pockets of sebum, blood, fat, bone, nails, teeth, eyes, cartilage, and thyroid tissue.
Also a band from Cardiff.

Insuna 22:00
Insuna have been active since spring of 2010 and have built a steady following both locally ( through gigs in South Wales), nationally ( through online merch sales), and even internationally, (with their various social networking sites). Always happy to help other bands and promoters and support the music scene, they have been building an extensive network of contacts to allow them to push further afield on the live circuit and hence reach even more potenial fans. They have shared the stage with many acts including Inner Fire, Primitai and Triaxis.

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