FRI 22-25 AUG 2014 The Dragonffli Presents Ffli Festival

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A 3 Day Festival For The Last Bank Holiday Of The Year!!!!


Ffli Festival Will Be Raising Money For Lyndsay Clarke.



For those of you who don’t know who Lyndsay is, she’s a local mother of 3 from up the road in Talywain who literally woke up one day and found herself suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome. Prior to that day, Lyndsay was a dancer, an energetic and lively young woman and now she is held prisoner by this rare disease. Her only hope is a stem cell transplant and this is a costly proceedure.

If you want to know more about Lyndsay’s story you can watch the video but we should warn you now that this is not easy viewing:



Help us raise money for this treatment by coming along to this event.


Tickets Are £8 For The Entire Weekend Or £3 OTD Per Night.


Friday 22nd
The Dole Age
Soylent Majority
Audio Virus


Saturday 23rd
Henry’s Funeral Shoe T.B.C
The Decoy UK 20:55 – 21:45
Capitals 19:50 – 20:40
Fire at Night 18:55 – 19:35
The Corfields 18:05 – 18:40
Trackstar/Pornstar 17:15 – 17:50
Nick B Byrne 16:30 – 17:00
Rob Pennington 15:45 – 16:15
Bib 15:00 – 15:30


Sunday 24th
Led By Lions T.B.C
T.B.C. 21:55 – 22:40
Tradish 20:50 – 21:40
Hydrolysis 19:50 – 20:35
Asylem 18:55 – 19:35
Two Marks and a Frank 18:05 – 18:40
The Transporter men 17:15 – 17:50
Felix Darts 16:30 – 17:00
Good Job 42:10 15:45 – 16:15
Hannah Nelms – Taking The Plunge 15:00 -15:30

We Are Waiting On Confirmation Of Other Bands/Acts For The Weekend!!!

If you can’t make any of these dates for some reason but you would still like to help, you can donate to the fund by following this link:

One In A Million – Go Fund Me


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