Feb 6th – Ffli Friday Blue Is Black + Glue Foot

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Blue is Black

Were a band with a song in our hearts…..it might not be a happy song or a
friendly song or cuddly, snuggly, wuggly song but hey, thats whats in our hearts..

weve been together long enough to start very rock and roll feuds with in the group
which will undoubtedly put us on the cover of smash hits in no time…

Justin is the guitar hero who wishes that everything could be sleazy. Jon hides behind the drum kit, mainly from Justin’s sleaziness. Tom is a typically charismatic bass player who does a fantastic chicken head bob, and Alex howls his lungs out on a regular basis.

Glue Foot
Pop Punk / Punk Rock band from Bristol/Cardiff.

We Will Be Showing The Wales Vs England Game Live At 20:00pm 🙂

Doors 18:00
Show Starts 21:45

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