Welcome to The Dragonffli. In former years, long ago, this inn opened its doors as, “The Hospitality” and is one of the oldest establishments of this kind in the area. Over the years it has changed ownership numerous times and was eventually renamed as,

“The Hog & Hosper”, which is affectionately remembered by its patriots as “The Hog”. Sadly, The Hog closed it’s doors late 2012 and was put up for auction in 2013.





By this time the building was in disrepair and in need of vital repair work to prevent further damage from damp. Whilst work improvement works are ongoing, the venue now benefits from refitted toilets, A new foyer/entrance, a sheltered smoking area, a fully kitted out live area with a stage and lighting, complete with sound rig, mixing desk and in-house engineer.


This venue is no stranger to live music acts and since opening over a year ago The Dragonffli has attracted attention from bands all over the Uk and as far the states. The venue remains dedicated to the continuous support for original artists in the music industry and the future holds much more so don’t miss out on something great!