7th March – Misled Truth + The Liminal + Jamee Summers

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Misled Truth
Created in a secret underground lab by a shadowy government organisation that didn’t officially exist, the members of Misled Truth quickly engineered an explosive escape and set about using their genetically-engineered powers for good instead of evil. Something like that anyway, the details are hazy and indistinct.

Jamee Summers
Jamee is a late comer to music, started singing at the age of 16, but had known music was his passion since his first music lesson in secondary school when his teacher got him to sing “can you feel the love tonight”.
it was only in the last to years of secondary where he realised how much music meant to him, and something that he wanted to take up as a career. with only a little experience of playing the guitar he has formed his on style which creates a nice laid back vibe, although where his guitar skills are continuously improving, where he lacks in guitar ability he makes up for it with his soulful voice. He has been known to make rooms go silent. Jamee has performed at various including local gigs, competitions, charity events and open mic nights.

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