23rd January – Ffli Friday Goes Metal Insuna + Among The Dead + The Eden Skyline + Clarity As Arson + Magnu + Ghosts as Alibis

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Insuna believe in writing intelligent, honest and dynamic music trying to never cut corners on the quality of their songs. The aim of the band is to write original songs with emphasis on both melody and heaviness and to keep pushing themselves musically.


Among The Dead
Hailing from the South Wales Metal Scene, AMONG THE DEAD feature ex/current members of Deathbullet, Ectospazz, Fell on Black Days, Lifer & Neckbrace. With Old School Thrash Metal Values coursing through their veins. ATD create a mix of thrash & modern metal groove with heavy riffs and aggression.

AMONG THE DEAD have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with FURY, KAIDEKA, WARLORD UK, LIFER, DEATHBULLET, BENEATH THE DIVINE and many more up & coming bands.

The Eden Skyline
Metalcore band from Abergavenny, South Wales. Our upcoming EP “F(R)IEND” coming soon! Check out our tracks “Scandal” & “No Turning Back”

All credit for our logo goes to Kieran Lewis

The Eden Skyline are endorsed by:

Dovetail Strings (Nicky-Rhys Hughes)

Clarity As Arson
Clarity As Arson: The art of finding cleanliness in a destructive force.
We are a 5 piece metal band based in South Wales, UK.
Our main drive is to play the music we love to create to anyone who is willing to listen.
With a mix of Metal Riffs, Hardcore Breakdowns, Southern Grooves, Pounding Drums and Crushing, Screaming vocals, we like to think we deliver somthing raw, powerful and filled with our blood and determination.
Over the past year we have come to the point where we are constantly pushing ourselfs, musically and physically to create the best possible music that we can, and we will keep on pushing.

“Captain” Kirk- Guitar
Tom “Wiseman, Wiseman, Wiseman, Wiseman” Wiseman- Drums
“Machin”- Bass
Sheldon – Vocals

Past Memebers
Tanya Diaz- Vocals

Ghosts As Alibis
Cardiff purveyors of avant-garde post-hardcore death-pop with a story to tell.

Taking influence from Deftones, Glassjaw, At The Drive In and the wintry post-metal of Cult of Luna and Bossk, the four-piece also embrace eerie electronica to create an immersive live experience.

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